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About us

What is Endverse?

Endverse is a game development team (currently by me, myself and I) focused on delivering cool and enjoyable games to the world!

The whole idea and development of Endverse and all of its games is actually work of a single person! And that’s not all… all of this is done in his free time!  That’s why he is proud with every piece of work he do! This programmer loves creating worlds for you to play in and enjoys every second of it!

You can say that currently Endverse is more of a hobby, with the goal of becoming something more – big game development company with lovely community! And the main reason we know that this will become true is because we love creating worlds and we will not stop no matter how hard the road is.

What’s next?

Currently the idea of this lone developer is to continue working on games in his free time. Untill he reaches a point where he can quit his normal day job to do this full-time. And thanks to hard work and sleepless nights we know that this is possible! Doesn’t matter if when – he will reach this goal no matter what!

Building the Community

As a great game development team we need great people in our community. And that’s why we need you! We will be honored if you join us and help us improve our work on the road to perfection. We know that this road will be long and full of tears of pain and suffering but we believe that it is worth it. And it will be amazing if you are part of this journey!

Let’s grow and be great together!