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A heart melting semi-short story for why we need your help…

Hello friends and family!

As you may know the whole idea and development of Endverse and all of its games is actually work of a single person! That’s right! Currently the whole website and all of the games are made by one man, in its free time! And believe me when we say – it is not an easy job! Exactly because of that, this man is absolutely proud and happy from his work!

Everyone dreams, everyone struggles to achieve their goals, and this is no different for the creator of this website. The main goal for him is to become an absolute and epic indie! And that why he needs you! He needs you to become part of this epic community, even it is in its first baby steps…

He knows that the road of his dream is long and full of struggle, but be sure that he is prepared! He will not back down! He will continue on this epic quest to greatness! Not for the fortune, not for the glory, even not for the people, but only just to see how his dreams becomes real simple for the joy of it! That’s why he started doing this, that’s why he will not stop!

This lone developer needs your support, in order to reach the major goal of independency! He wants to make games for a living, to realize game ideas for you and the others! And not just to make this in his spare time, but he wants to do it a full-day time. This cool hobby to become his full-time job! And that’s exactly why he needs sponsors, he needs you!

Every little coin will be absolutely unquestionably appreciated! No matter how much it is, it is still a help provided by you! The fact that you helped someone in achieving his dreams speaks godly of you! You shall forever be remembered by Endverse and if this hobby becomes an empire full of good community – you shall be remembered as one of the firsts who believed in us! One of the firsts who helped us! We will not let you down, not because you helped us financially, but for the sole action of helping, because in this hard world you helped!


Currently there is two ways for helping us