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Balloon Hopper

Welcome to Balloon Hopper!

Balloon Hopper is a jumping game where you help a cute happy fella to stay on the screen as longer as possible by jumping on balloons! Jump on balloons, receive points, gather bonuses, but stay on the screen and have fun while doing so!

How to play

Quite easy controls – moving left or right (by pressing the arrows or clicking “a” and “d”) and click the “space” bar button when you need to jump. The double jump ability should help you reach a balloon ever easier! When you touch a balloon you will receive points and your double jump ability will resets! Those points depends from the size and the color of the balloon, but we suggest you to focus more on staying alive! And keep an eye for the balloons with a bonus – those could be quite helpful!

Also each game may provide you with silver coins which are directly stored in your account!

Let’s see how good you are and where is your position on the scoring board!

If you experience any issues with the game, please check the community for answers or tell us about it.