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Lane Duels Logo
Name :
Lane Duels
Platforms :
Release Date :
Game Lane Duels still in in development

Lane Duels

Lane Duels Image

What game is “Lane Duels”?

“Lane Duels” is a free 1 vs 1 multiplayer game where you can duel your friends and players from all over the world.  Fight your enemies on a 3 lane battlefield with an easy one-touch gameplay. Just place you attack and defence and enjoy the battle.

Predict your opponent’s moves and counter attack them where it hurts. Battles are quick and joyful and doesn’t require skill.

Game Play

Lane Duels is made to be as simple to play as possible. It has two stage:

  • Stage 1 – Preparations – this stage is where the strategies and predictions happens. Place down your attack and defense on your free slots and click ready. That’s it! There are no hard secrets to learn, just one-touch click on the options and wait for the opponent.
  • Stage 2 – Actions – this is the battle stage where the fighting happens. You can now see the enemy’s placement and see how to battle will turn out. Everything is automatic, so you can just sit and enjoy the cool animations. At the end of this stage you loop back to stage 1 (if yours and your opponents lives are still over zero).

This game is all about luck and predictions.

More info is coming soon!

To follow the game development please follow me on twitter.

If you experience any issues with the game, please check the community for answers or tell us about it.