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Roll Switch – Space

Roll Switch SpaceWhat is “Roll Switch – Space”?

“Roll Switch – Space” is a game about a ball reaching the finish. Or how about the long description: “Roll Switch – Space” is a game about a ball with a movement switching mechanic, and by adapting to the new movement each time, you struggle to reach the finish line while balancing on a sometimes movable platforms. It’s perfect for the nerves, learning self-control, quick-thinking and reflexes. Also the game is playable with one hand!

What is this “movement switching” mechanic? And how it works?

The movement switching mechanic is an interesting feature where over some period of time the initial controls for the ball are changed/switched. Which means that in every moment up could become left, down could become right, and so on (or a different variation maybe?). And the main idea is to adapt as quickly as possible in order to take control of the ball and reach the finish.

We are not so cruel – every time you start with normal controls, and after several seconds – poof – new controls for the fun. Don’t worry if don’t get it at first. You will get use to it.

How to play?

That depends on what platform you are playing the game.

  • Web – Just use the arrows or wasd to move.
  • Android – for the mobile users we’ve implement a floating controls. Just press on the left side of the screen to see it.

Also we believe that an external controller could be use.

Roll Switch Space ScreenshotA little more about the game…

“Roll Switch – Space” takes place in space.. or more precisely above the Earth (we needed gravity after all). It has 70 levels – from easy ones (where the finish is just a couple of meters away), to those big and bad ones (where you have to balance over movable and self-destructive platforms and collect several stars in order to unlock the finish)! No need for action or jumps buttons, all you need is just the controls! In other words this game could be completed as they say: with one hand behind the back.

Please be advised that “Roll Switch – Space” may awake rage feelings. PLEASE try to keep those under control – this ability will help you tremendously in your life!

We do not take any responsibility for broken items followed by playing this game!

And don’t forget to leave a rate!

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If you experience any issues with the game, please check the community for answers or tell us about it.