Street Lamp
Street Lamp is an action-simulator game where you take the role of a street lamp which main purpose is to shine on pedestrians.
Street Lamp
Release Date
01 Mar 2018

Street Lamp

Welcome to Street Lamp – the first street lamp simulatorish game!

Street Lamp is an action-simulator game where you take the role of a street lamp. Shine on pedestrians, earn points and try not to kill them!

How to play

To use the street lamp’s light just click and hold on Lampy or on the light button. The longer you hold more the points you will receive (if there are any pedestrians under the lamp). But be careful, if the bar above the pedestrians goes full – you will lose points!

Beware the angry birds! Some of the birds may carry bombs… which if reach our street lamp – game over. So just click on those bad birds to kill them! But just try to not click on each and every bird you see as some of them may actually carry a present with points (which is actually very helpful to reach the minimum score to pass). Clicking on birds will cause to drop whatever they carry right below them… so if this something is a bomb – it will kill whatever is there.

Lightnings! Be careful of those as they actually like our Lampy! In other words – if a lightning strikes our street lamp while your light is on – it will electrocute the pedestrians under Lampy, which will kill them and you will lose points. But on the bright side when the storm is active you receive 3x score!

Also we’ve added a coins converter. Convert silver coins from your account in the website to lamp coins (in-game currency) or the other way around lamp coins to silver coins!

So go now, shine on people and have fun while becoming first on the score boards!