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Another game is in the making with an interesting mechanic!

Yes that’s right folks! We couldn’t just stop and rest for a little while… after all we love to create and that’s why we just had to continue develop our ideas! And that’s exactly why we started working on the next game on the list.

Unfortunately we still don’t have a name for this new game… or at least not a cool one, but we promise to notify you the moment we figure it out (please remember to subscribe to newsletter)!

This game is going to be about a ball… you know – such game where you take control of ball from point A to reach point B moving on platforms and such! But of course it’s not going to be just that simple, because there will be a movement switch mechanic!

Movement switch mechanics you may ask?

We’ve thought how hard/interesting will be if we implement something which will change your controls on a simple game – where you have to reach a curtain position in order to finish the level. This functionality WILL switch your movement controls over time – meaning the up may become down, down may become left and etc.

Just imagine … you are almost on the finish, and then this feature fires, and your forward movement becomes left movement and you fly from the platform… yeah that’s sad, and enraging! And that’s not all… you will not know where the finish is… so imagine a big space platforms in the sort of maze where you can slip and fall every second. Movable platforms, self-destroying platforms and more.

So in short this game is going to be something interesting! It will be there for when you need to kill time, or just to test your nerves! So please stay tuned and consider subscribing to us – WE DO NOT BITE (or spam)!

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