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Balloon Hopper is ready

We are happy to announce that Balloon Hopper is ready!

We are absolutely proud with this little gem because it is our very first game! Yes it may be small… but is fun!

Warm up your fingers, prepare yourself  and start jumping on balloons! The more balloons you jump on the more points you will receive! Just make sure to stay on the screen as long as possible!

Your little fella has a double jump ability which is reset every time you touch a balloon… “But this game is easy” you may think – well at first maybe but that’s why we’ve made the balloons to speed up! More points = different balloon colors = more and more points and so on!

And let’s not stop there… we’ve added bonuses! Different bonuses which should help you reach higher and higher score!

Is there an end?

No, but there is no need to have an end right? The main goal for this game is for you to have fun! And of course to be first on the scoreboard!

Now go and try it for yourself! Play now!

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