Farewell 2018 and welcome 2019

01 January 2019

Thank you 2018 and farewell!

Good for some, bad for others 2018 went as one of the most memorable years in the history. It started with huge goals and dreams and went like a flash in front of our eyes. And at first glance in the end it felt like I’ve achieved nothing… but then after a quick review of my memories… wow… just wow! So many beautiful things happened, no wonder I though the year ended fast.

And sow my 2018 journey began…

In the start of 2018 the idea of game development was born! I’ve been playing with the game dev engine before, but nothing too serious. Didn’t had any serious projects. So then and there I decided to make this thing into a hobby. And more importantly a serious hobby! It was fun and it was giving me the joy of creating!

With this goal in mind I started working on my first game and a website where I can post it. And not too long after my very first game – Balloon Hopper (small web game) was happily living on my very new website – Endverse. It wasn’t something big, but at this point baby steps were better than a giant leap.

And after this small personal success I jumped right back into harder projects! I wanted to create a more complex game. For example a mobile game, and to do more than just jumping around. An idea was born (thanks to my girlfriend) and after I’ve worked on this idea for an unknown time Street Lamp was formed. Again, it was nothing much, but when the development was completed, I was happy and proud, because I knew I’ve achieved a goal!

What about some improvement…

Then I decided to go even further – to swim in the 3D sea. Creating a 3D game was not a simple tasks, so in order to make sure I can do it, I decided to go a smaller, but interesting game. That was the initial idea that brought Roll Switch – Space to life.

And after another goal was achieved I’ve set a harder one – wanted to learn multiplayer. Not a scoreboard type of multiplayer (which I’ve implemented in each of my games), but a 1vs1 multiplayer in real-time. From there I’ve started working on my next game – Lane Duels. But unfortunately while I was working on it my machine died. So I had to buy a new (and better) one. With the new machine I was able to play game which weren’t working on my old one, so I made the choice to speed down the game dev for a couple of months while I was catching up on my other more personal goals.

In short: 2018 was magnificent. Had many great and beautiful memories, amazing trips to different countries and cities, dear moments with my loved ones and by far definitely many achieved goals and realized dreams!

So with an open heart I can say: thank you 2018 for providing me with such beautiful moments and farewell!

2019 – new year, new resolutions

2019 just came and with it a great new wave of energy and motivation! This year is time to go even further! To create ever more! There are so many new ideas I wish to work on. So many new things I wish to learn! New and bright goals are set and I can’t wait to dive right back in and reach them!

So… welcome 2019 and let’s start creating!