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Roll Switch – Space has been finally launched!

Finally! We are there! The finish line has been crossed! Roll Switch – Space has been finally completed!

After a long and well non-deserved rest (I was absolutely demotivated) I’ve sat down and completed this thing. Yes I know that the game is not much… but is my not much, and I love it as it is! And I’m proud to announce that is finally here!

Play on WEB NOW:

Roll Switch Space Play Now

And for the Mobile users:

Roll Switch Space Get it on Google Play

Also for your convenience I’ve launched on other platforms and websites:

And if you wish to see it somewhere else Рjust contact us and tell us where!

If I was you I would keep an eye on the android version! The reason: if the things goes as it is expected the android version will get some pretty cool upgrades, functionalities and new levels. In other words: It will evolve!

Now what?

NOW after the game is completed only one thing left – marketing, bugs fixes (if any are found), upgrades, new things, new games, community stuffs…

There is so much stuffs to do, so little time.

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