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Lane Duels launched!

Just in the start of the second month of this year I’ve finished my latest game. Lane Duels is finally ready and available for you to play!

It is a casual fast-paced 1vs1 multiplayer duel game where you fight a single opponent over 3 lanes with bows, shields, bonuses and poops, and everything can end under a minute.

With beautiful music and sounds it is designed to have a nice and interesting experience.

And the gameplay is pretty simple. Just place your bow and shield on 2 of the 3 slots in the first stage of each round and enjoy the arrow animations and effects in the second stage. And when one of the players reaches 0 lives – game over. But the loser is not a loser in this game – he still earns points and coins.

It’s all about prediction in this game. Analyze your opponent’s selection each round and predict and counter him on the next

The idea behind Lane Duels

The reason why I’ve built this game is because I wanted to create a multiplayer game. The platform was just the logical choice. After all I have an android device, I’ve published android games before and just for the multiplayer experience a small mobile game would be sufficient. The idea was to make something like rock-paper-scissors, but fighting over 3 lanes at the same time. And from there the game evolved into what it is today.

Why only for android you may ask?

Currently Lane Duels is available only on android at Google Play. The main reason behind this decision is that this game uses the Google Play’s multiplayer for pairing and playing. So in order for you to play it you need to have an android device with a google play account and a connection to the internet (it is a multiplayer real-time game after all).

There is always the possibility in the future to make this game playable on different platforms but for now this is only a distant goal in the future.

Give it a try, it’s free after all. And give your feedback as it would be absolutely appreciated!

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