New ‘shitty’ game has been released!

26 November 2019

Poopy Adventure is the name of my latest game and it is exactly what you think. The adventure of a fresh poop, which was just flushed down the toilet.

Poopy Adventures
Poopy Adventures

I know it does not sound much, and it may not be much, but I picked a concept and decided to stick to it! Yes, my time could have been invested in something better, something cool, but in the end of the day, this is just a hobby and it did put a smile on my face. I do not have to create games for everyone, but as long as someone enjoys them then I am happy.

About the game

The game is a poop simulator, or at least the initial part of it – the poop going down the drain. Of course just going down would not be much of a fun game so I’ve implemented obstacles and items to collect for points. With linear difficulty and scoreboard for each level, this thing just turned into one normal game. However, the controls were lacking – just one button to go left/right in the pipe was somewhat boring.

To make the things more interesting I decided to add time and a second button to click – speed boost power. The faster you finished a level – better the bonus you would have get. This idea is not bad for such games but the level just got more obnoxious. So near the end of the development I’ve changed the boost power into time slow power (in some parts of the code it is still labeled as boost). With the ability to slow down time, new players can perform better, finish more levels and there for play the game for longer.

So to put things short in this game you play as a poop with the power to slow down that collects different items while evading obstacles. Sound fun right?

Definitely not the game of the year, but it is perfect to enjoy it while in the toilet – seems appropriate.

So don’t wait go and check my new game! You may like it, you may not, but at least it is something different the other games and it does not require much of your time. After all each level is beatable under 30 seconds and there are only 13 levels.