Endverse has a new website design!

25 September 2021

I am happy to announce that my website endverse.com has a new website design!

Why do you need new design?

I’ve been procrastinating for a long time… a really long time. While doing nothing productive I still loaded and admired my website from time to time. But each time I felt that something was missing, or more precisely – something doesn’t feel right with the website design. It didn’t feel like a game dev website. It felt more like news website or personal blog. It had many unneeded functionalities, like login, register etc. Not that it is wrong to have such functionalities, but for small indie like me, those things were not required at this point. I decided that my first thing to do is to redevelop my website.

What is so good about this new website design?

Simple – the answer is that the website is simple. There aren’t any advanced eye-catching functionalities that can do many things at once. There aren’t any unneeded things like community boards, archives and galleries. Ther is only a simple website, with games, and couple of forms. Designed to be simple, beautiful, fast and easy to work it. It does what a game dev website should be doing – provide information about games. And now the website feels a lot much better than before, and not to mention that it loads faster! It feels beautiful – parallax effects here and there, small animations on hover. Even when you hover on a game box link, you will see the main info and screenshots of the game. You don’t even have to click on it to see if you like it or not (I suggest you still click on it though).

The design of the pages for the games feels even better that the one before. Now everything is structured. It is way easier to navigate and at first glance you can easily understand what is what. At the play buttons are way more distinct.

What happened to the other stuff?

As some of you may know there were galleries and communities in the old version of the website. I am sorry to announce, but they are gone now.

The galleries really did provide beauty and color to the website, but most of the images there weren’t connected to the games. People were focusing more on them, then the actual games. I may resurrect the galleries at later stage, but this will happen after I have more images and digital art for my games.

As for the communities – even though they were practical, they were definitely unneeded at this point. They were like small forums, where people could complain and provide suggestions for my games. But unfortunately, I still lack cool games or a fan base that can shower me with complains. Who knows… maybe someday I will become a bigger indie dev than I am now!

Now that I have a nice game dev website, the next thing is…

To patch up my first games. Unfortunately, the time wasn’t good towards them. Without maintenance, many of their features have stopped working. So now it’s time to delete some functionalities that would take too much time to fix. After all, I have other projects in mind! And don’t worry, if one of these games become popular, then it is only logical to improve it!