Street Lamp is finally ready

30 April 2018

Street Lamp is finally ready and we are proud with it!

After countless hours of sleepless nights, pain and suffering, we’ve finally finished our Street Lamp game and it is way better than we originally thought!

What is Street Lamp?

Street Lamp is an action-simulator game where you take the role of a street lamp which main purpose is to shine on pedestrians. Yes it may sound stupid but after all – it is our child and we have to love it.

In the beginning…

there is was an idea, or more of a question… Can we make a game where the main character is a street lamp? And more importantly can we make it fun to play? And the short answer is… absolutely yes! But of course back then we didn’t know the answer to this question so we took this challenging task and started coding and animating!

The road was long… way longer than we originally planed. After all this is our first mobile game so if there was something that could go wrong – it did. There were many times when we stopped and asked ourselves why we are doing this, shouldn’t we just stop our torment, and each time we questioned ourselves we went into a deeper depression. But regardless of the depression we continued working on it! Regardless of every bug and error, regardless of every frustrated step we’ve finalized this game! And in this moment we’ve felt.. relief and happiness!  It was like crossing the finish line in a major running race. And that’s why are absolutely proud with ourselves for finishing it!

About the game

Street lamp is all about shine upon passing pedestrians. Just click and hold to shine on the people passing beneath the lamp. The more you hold – the more points you will receive. But of course there is a trick – each person has its own bar and if this bar is filled – you lose points. And just to make this game a little bit of more interesting – we’ve added birds. Those birds can carry either a present (which is very good for your points) or a bomb. If the bomb reaches the street lamp – game over. So if you see a bird with a bomb – we highly suggest clicking on the bird. And to be even more interesting we’ve added storms! While there is a storm there is a 3x multiplier to the scores! But be careful with those lightnings!

Try it

If you want to try it – you either play it on the website right now or download it from google play!