Game Name: Space Surf
Release Date: 31st March 2019
Platforms: Android, WebGL
Developer: Endverse

About the developer

Endverse Logo Endverse is a game development team (team of 1 person) focused on delivering cool and enjoyable games to the world! And to make it even more professional the development is done in my free time.


Name: Plamen Georgiev


Logo & Icon

Game Description

Space Surf is a casual endless runner where you collect glowing crystals while surfing seamlessly through space. Land on the small planets, collect all the crystals, enjoy the music and evade the black holes!

Oh and just be careful not to go outside of the screen or the screen to catch up to you!


  • Small planets to land on
  • Funny walk animation
  • Surfing like feel
  • Simple yet beautiful design and gameplay
  • Random generated planet position and crystal layouts
  • Weekly scoreboard
  • Beautiful ZEN meditative calm music to enjoy while surfing
  • Black Holes!!!


Background music from Jukedeck


All sounds from freesound.org